October 23, 2008


I am up way too late, again!!

Just an update on our fun weekend.

Friday I had a Boudoir photo session - which went really great - you can find a couple of the pics on Flickr. After I left the shoot I got a flat tire which I ended up changing myself :) Mike showed me how last time we got a flat, it was a lot easier than I expected. The next day Mike took it in to get fixed and they were taking too long so he left it there went next door to the pizza place and a delivery guy backed up into him and took his bumper off!! We don't pay for any of the repairs since it is a company car but what luck huh? Now he has a rental - a 2009 Dodge Dakota complete with satelite radio, I don't think I want to give it back, lol.

I have been booking lots of Holiday Card sessions and have filled up the next 3 weeks!! Of couse I still have not taken the picture of the boys for our cards this year, hopefully I can fit that one in!!

Here's a pic of out tree losing all of it's leaves this morning due to the frost, it was so pretty watching them fall.

Here is Owen through the window happy to see me come back in :)

looking through the glass

I cut his hair a couple of weeks ago, he is so handsome!!